josephine dee talent beverly hills

talent josephine dee

talent josephine dee

We got exactly what we asked for and Im glad we met you!! As most models have discovered, traveling is a major part of the job. In addition casting to allowing models to accept more assignments, it also gives them the chance to make people across the country aware of their work.

The more people are familiar with you, the more work offers you are bound to receive. Working with photographers in different cities gives your photo portfolio a variety of locations and styles, and also can expose you to possible scam. This can be very profitable since you are new to each photographer market and therefore will be more in-demand.

When traveling, the biggest scam scan suggestion I can offer is be organized – I cannot stress this enough! Personally, I have different folders in my email inbox for each city. When I am contacted by a photographer, I respond to their offer and then move the message to the corresponding folder of the photographer’s city/state.

Then, when I am planning to travel, I put up a notification on OMP, and also individually email each photographer who has contacted me in the past. Being organized makes it so much easier to inform them of my travel plans. In addition, you can post notices on message boards to promote your trip without rip off.

Dee Josephine Pics Headshots, WoW!!!

Dee Josephine Pics Headshots, WoW!!!


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